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Bean Bag Chair Accessories

These are bean bag chairs with colorful pillows by the window.

A bean bag that hits the comfy spot can be a great place to read a book or be used as the hangout spot to surf the internet and catch up on social media in your living room. However, it may be an excellent choice to add some bean bag accessories to make your experience even more enjoyable.

With that said, what are some excellent bean bag accessories?

Bean bag ottomans, bean bag covers, faux fur throws, bean bag pillows, and bean bag device holders are accessories that pair well with your bean bag chair experience.  These accessories all have a comfortable bean bag feel and come in a range of styles and materials.

There will always be a perfect bean bag chair available that is tailored just for you but to complement it and to complement your home, why not add a couple of other accessories to make the bean bag bonanza even more spectacular? Here is why they are the perfect bean bag accessories.

What Makes these Great Bean Bag Accessories?

It is not hard to visualize a comfy and coziness environment when using bean bags in your home décor. When searching for bean bag chair accessories, you may find the perfect bean bag chair accessory to add value to your home’s designs, lifestyle, and personality.

Browsing through online stores does not always give you direct answers when looking for beanbag chair accessories and may often lead you to unrelated products. However, these accessories are undoubtedly great additions to your comfy bean bag chair. Here is how they work.

Bean Bag Ottomans

This is a red and black bean bag ottoman.

Bean bag ottoman leg rest to bean bags are like a Robin to his Batman. There is nothing like stretching your legs on a surface that molds itself to support your legs to provide the best comfortable outcome.  Ottomans are undoubtedly the best accessories to further increase comfort in terms of relaxation.

After a long day, everyone deserves to be able to put their feet up and relax completely. If you go for a more compact bean bag ottoman leg rest, with a tray involved (to be safer), you may even use it as a coffee or side table!

With that said, ottomans are highly flexible, serving as footrests and coffee or side tables. They may also be the focal point of a room: a piece of accent furniture that connects the rest of the design or fills an empty area.

Many bean bag chair collections have a matching ottoman, and if not, you may quickly find one online or have one manufactured. When looking for a bean bag ottoman, there are five things to consider if you’re a bean bag fashionista.


An ottoman’s primary function is to give a place to rest your feet. Is there anything more decadent than putting your feet up after a long day to rest and unwind? However, there’s a lot more to an ottoman than meets the eye.


Next, evaluate the form of your ottoman. These versatile pieces come in a range of forms that match various designs and related furniture items. The most common shapes are round, square, and rectangular – yet these are only the tip of the ottoman iceberg.

Size And Position

Consider the size of your ottoman, as well as if your room might benefit from having more than one. After all, there are no restrictions; your living room is yours to decorate in any way you see appropriate!

You might use one more oversized ottoman, especially if you have a few lovely beanbags lined up behind the home theatre (and if the kids are willing to share legs pace). Just make sure there’s enough space for everyone to move about in the surrounding area comfortably.


Whatever you and your family may use it for, your ottoman is sure to be a success – this item will probably receive more usage than anything else in your home without you even knowing it!

The downside is that it will show visible wear and tear, leaks and stains more quickly, leading to more care to maintain its original condition depending on the choice of material.


Don’t ignore the importance of color! While your ottoman does not have to be the same color as the rest of your furniture, it should be complementary and contribute to the overall mood of the space. 

Bean Bag Covers

This is a bean bag chair with a floral cover.

When deciding the sort of beanbag to buy, you will often have the option of choosing to purchase a bean bag chair with an inner lining. Lightweight mesh cloths are typically used to make an inside lining. The liner’s purpose is to keep the bean bag filler separate from the outer cover.

You may prefer silky soft covers that exudes comfiness becoming a sit-down-soldier in seconds!

Some of the best reasons to get a range of covers:

Simple to clean

Cleanup and washing the beanbag cover are simple by removing the inner lining. Many outdoor bean bags, however, are not machine washable.

As a result, a detachable inner lining is unnecessary. Machine-washable or dry-cleanable fabrics are more suited to having an inner lining.

Simple to switch

If you wish to change the color of the bean bag cover, it’s simple. Remove the cover and place the filled inner liner into the alternate cover.

Minimal mess

If your bean bag cover’s stitching breaks or the outside cover is damaged or sliced, the inside liner will generally contain the filling. It may help keep it from pouring out on the floor of your living room.

Range of colors and styles

This one is probably one of the main reasons to top it all off. What’s great about getting more than one cover is that when you replace one cover with another, you make the bean bag look immediately seem brand new and as the new eye-catching member of your furniture family. 

If you like to change the style and shape of your lounge once per year or to match the season by simply adjusting color and pillow casing in the lounge, this is where covers shine as you can chop and change with an array of covers to match any style or theme.

As advantageous as that is, there are a few more things to consider when it comes to picking your bean bag covers. Here are some of them.

Pairing the shape

If you have a beanbag chair that isn’t spherical, it might be challenging to position the inner liner to match the shape of the outer cover. If necessary, fasten the liner to avoid it from moving around so much.

As a result, the beans cannot travel freely about the beanbag, leaving you with an uncomfortable chair with beans in all the wrong places.

What exactly is a Filling Chute?

This is a woman sitting on a black reinforced bean bag chair.

Most beanbag makers will choose a filling funnel over an inner lining. Despite the additional expense in the production step, it makes filling more convenient.

Furthermore, it is less costly than an inner liner. A filling chute is typically made of lightweight mesh cloth. Around 11 inches of material protrudes from the outside cover when the main zip is opened. As a result, you may quickly fill the beanbag. It also has a second zipper to help prevent leaks or spills.

Double Stitching

If you purchase a bean bag without an inner lining, be sure that it is double stitched and overlocked. Over-locking and double stitching minimize the likelihood of seams breaking and the goods bursting open. Most individuals are terrified of their living room becoming a snowfield!

Putting the Filled Liner into the Cover

After you’ve filled the inner liner, you’ll need to pull it through the main zipper. The two patterns must match so that they can fit within the outer cover. Inserting the filled liner is not difficult if the maker has included a more extended zipper.

Beanbag producers sometimes install standardlength zippers. Short zippers make inserting a filled inner liner into the cover difficult. As a result, always ensure that your outer cover has a long zipper. Before filling the liner with beads, so double-check!

Faux Furr Throws

A green bean bag chair with a gray blanket.

When you think about what can make your bean bag chair more comfortable, you would easily gravitate towards the thought of getting a comfortable throw accessory for your bean bag chair.

A throw blanket will add extra warmth and comfort. It’s a lovely way to watch TV while curled up on your bean bag chair. Alternatively, you may receive a little more coverage while strolling around your house.

Blankets have evolved into a comfortable and practical item that every home requires. Throws are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. The Faux Fur Throw is the ideal indulgent addition to any bean bag chair.

Whether used as a throw or in the bedroom or living bean bag chairs, comfort and warmth are sure to be superb features to this accessory and quickly becomes your and your pet’s best friend.

If you don’t want to buy a fur bean bag as a whole, a fake fur blanket may transform your favorite chair into some of the fluffiest, most delightful bean bags there is! There’s a comfortable throw for every style, available in animal or alternative pattern designs, and many more!

What Is the Benefit of a Throw Blanket?

Depending on the situation, a throw blanket can be both an aesthetically appealing piece of decor and an added layer of warmth in your bedroom or living room.

Are Throw Blankets Warm?

The type and thickness of a bean bag chair throw blanket considerably influence how effectively it will keep you warm. You can find doublesided faux fur throw blankets that provide winter warmth and comfort made of high-quality faux fur.

How To Clean A Throw Blanket?

There are a plethora of easy-to-clean throw blankets for bean bag chairs that are quick to wash in cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low to no heat. Wash your blanket before the first usage for the best results.

Bean Bag Pillows

This is a close look at bean bags with colorful throw pillows.

Even while the comfort of a bean bag chair speaks volumes, bean bag pillows not only provide a little more elevated comfy approach, but they also contribute a great deal to your overall design and furnishings.

With bean bag pillows, you can pack a ton of punch in terms of their value, just as you can with ottomans, covers, and throws. A bean bag pillow sometimes referred to as a microbead pillow, is exceptionally comfortable. They strictly conform to your form and are highly flexible in their shape.

Some useful features include carrying your pillow in your suitcase and bringing it out once you board your airline for a pleasant journey. The same goes for your long vehicle ride. Arrive feeling rejuvenated and relaxed – not a good idea if you’re driving!

Tiny microbeads inside a bean bag pillow frequently allow you to support specific pressure areas that may cause pain-related ailments. Microbead pillows help you relax and sleep better, which improves your ability to stay healthy.

A word of warning! Your pet could take up residence on your pillow! You may need to replace your bean bag cushion because your cats or dogs adore it so much that you must unwillingly relinquish possession.

If you have a cat or dog who enjoys lying in soft, comfortable areas, consider purchasing one for each pet so that you may have your own!

Bean Bag Device Holders

This is a round gray bean bag chair with device pouch.

With the frequency of technology in our lives, it would be helpful to incorporate a bean bag gadget accessory to enhance your bean bag experience. Bean bag device holders are available in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as designs!

Specific gadgets, such as mobile phones and tablets, are a perfect fit for these convenient accessories.

What is there not to love about coming across a bean bag accessory that perfectly fits your style and design. These comfortable carriers aren’t only for your devices; they’re also great for keys and other small things that get lost around the house.

If you came across one of these, and you will, you would almost feel compelled to buy it. Bean bag holders are rather famous for their usefulness in terms of ease, device protection, and fashion.


Whether you prefer a bean bag chair on its own or are looking to supplement your existing bean bag collection with some additional accessories, there are many excellent bean bag chair accessories available for you.

They each provide a valuable addition to your bean bag seat up leaving you to enjoy your time in a relaxing, comfortable state of mind.


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