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Bean Bag Chair Materials

This is a woman working on her tablet while sitting on a bean bag chair.

Fabric is the major part of any bean bag chair. It is what determines how durable it will be and how well it will fit your body. The best fabrics are synthetic, but you can also choose cotton or linen.

Usually, fabrics used for making bean bag chairs are synthetic because they are easy to clean and waterproof. Cotton can stain easily. For instance, if you spill anything on your bean bag, the stain will remain forever. Synthetic fabrics are resistant to stains and water damage.

If you want to make a great bean bag chair, this is the fabric you should use. You can find it at your local fabric store, and it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. It is an affordable fabric, and it is incredibly durable. You can also wash it and dry it.

Why Synthetic Fabric?

When a manufacturer uses synthetic fabric, it is a sign that they want to produce an outdoor furniture piece that will last a long time and withstand almost all conditions. Synthetic fabrics used for this purpose are resistant to fading, mold, staining, and mildew.

The best thing about synthetic materials is that they will not absorb water and get wet. This makes them perfect for outside use. They will never mildew or rot because of the moisture.

Other Bean bag Materials To consider


The Standard 100% Cotton Bean Bag Chair & Lounger from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

Cotton is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reasonably priced choice of bean bag chair materials. Cotton is a natural fiber and can look great in a room. It can be used to complement existing furnishings.

Cotton is an interesting material to work with. It will allow you to mix and match colors and patterns. This means that it’s flexible and will fit in with most interior decorating styles.

This isn’t the only reason cotton is popular for Bean Bag Chairs, but it’s certainly one of them.


Gold Medal Bean Bags Gold Medal Large 128" Black Faux Leather Vinyl Bean Bag

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A vinyl bean bag is a good choice for those who like to sit on their sofa and lounge around, as it provides great comfort and support.

The best thing about the vinyl bean bag is that you can make them yourself at home. You can make your furniture and decorate your living room with them. They are easy to clean and maintain.

The surface of the vinyl bean bags is smooth and feels nice to sit on, something that no other material can offer. It is also colorfast, meaning that it won’t fade in sunlight or when covered with dirt.

Waterproof Fabrics for Bean Bag

Classic Bean Bag Sofa Chairs, Waterproof Bean Bag Chair Large Storage Bean Bag Oxford Chair Cover, Teens and Adults Lounger Sack Chair Home Textile

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There are dozens of different waterproof fabrics you can use. However, each of these fabrics has some drawbacks. Faux leather is a good fabric for a beanbag chair.

Its major drawback is that it may not be as comfortable as you would like.

There are several types of faux leather, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. The two most common types of faux leather used in bean bag chairs today are PVC and polyurethane. Both types of leather are very durable and weather resistant.

PVC is more expensive than polyurethanes, but it also lasts longer with less maintenance required.

Polyurethane is less expensive than PVC, but it can be more difficult to clean when compared with PVC. Water-resistant fabric is a brilliant choice for bean bag chairs because it makes the chair very durable. Polyester fabric will prevent spills, stains, and other accidents from ruining your chair. Your furniture is well protected.

The last material you can create a waterproof bean bag chair with is a heavy-duty canvas. Heavy-duty canvas works well on both hot and cold surfaces but gets hot when in direct sunlight. When choosing your waterproof fabric, you want to get one that can withstand at least three hours of direct sunlight without getting too hot to hold on to.

Outdoor Bean bag Fabric

This is a woman at a riverside lounging on a bean bag chair.

Most fabrics won’t last long in direct sunlight. They will fade quickly, and the color might change after a few months of outdoor use. The sun can also cause bleaching on some fabrics.

You can try using different materials, but you will be limited to fabrics that can withstand the elements of nature. Since you are looking for an outdoor bean bag, you must know more about these fabrics.

Nylon is a synthetic fabric that can take into indoor and outdoor environments. It also has good resistance to water, mildew, mold, and rot. Nylon makes your bean bag chair last longer. It is also easy to clean if you have kids or pets at home. You can use water to clean it or make use of mild detergents.

Polyester is another material that is used for making bean bag chairs. It is also durable and easy to maintain. The best thing about polyester is that it is resistant to mold, mildew, rot, abrasion, fading, and staining. This kind of fabric is easy to clean because you can use either vacuum it or use little detergents to get stains off the polyester fabric.

If you are looking for an outdoor bean bag chair, choose nylon or polyester over any other fabrics. They are the best materials to use for this purpose. These materials are not only durable, but they can also withstand outdoor environments well.

They do not fade easily, so you do not have to worry much about this issue when using them for your furniture items.

Best Fabric for bean bags

The material should not be so heavy that it cannot endure outdoor conditions. The size of the bean bag should also be taken into consideration. For example, if you were making a bean bag for a small child, you need to select the material that will withstand the constant tossing and landing.

If you were making a bean bag for an adult, you would need to select the material that will last several years of use and abuse.

The best materials for bean bags are polyester and nylon blends. It will withstand the constant handling and landings without becoming brittle. The material will provide an excellent bounce. Also, it can be machine washed if they get dirty.

Quantity of fabric needed in making a bean bag

This is a close look at a terrace with a couple of bean bag chairs by the railings.

A lot of people think that making a beanbag chair is easy. They don’t realize that the amount of fabric you will need depends on the size of the chair you are making. A beanbag chair is like a sofa, except it doesn’t have arms. So, you can use the same fabric for both.

But if you are making a sofa, it doesn’t matter so much how big it is, because you can just fold up the arms. But if you are making a beanbag chair, the more space there is inside, the more fabric you will need. And if your fabric is stretched out smooth on top, it will be less taut than if it has corners.

If your fabric has taught corners, some beans will slide down one side instead of staying put at the bottom of the bag where they belong. If you want to show off how clever your design is, then consider making a huge beanbag chair with all kinds of complicated folds and tucks and niches in which to nestle your bag of beans.

Final Thoughts

Bean bag chairs are available at various prices, ranging from cheap to expensive, depending on their quality and design. The most expensive ones are made of high-quality materials that last longer than the cheaper ones. These chairs are perfect for parties or events, especially if they have themes.

 Since each one comes with a specific theme that makes people feel at home, especially when attending parties or special events. Vendors sell them in different sizes according to their needs.

Whether you want a small one that fits two people comfortably or a large one that fits five people comfortably, then they have got you covered! These chairs are not only functional but also comfortable.


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