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Bean Bag Chair vs Egg Chair

This is a man wearing black sitting in a white swivel egg chair.

It’s time for a lounge upgrade, and you’re looking for something funky to add, but you’re not sure what would be the exact fit? Bean bag chairs are soft and comfy, yet egg chairs are sleek and trendy. Both are great chairs, but as with most things, there are pros and cons to both. So, bean bag chair or egg chair?

In terms of health benefits, a bean bag chair surpasses an egg chair. Bean bag chairs promote better posture. They help to alleviate back and neck pain. When well looked after, they will last years. Some bean bag chairs are made with durable fabric to be used outdoors.

Bean bag chairs may have more health benefits than egg chairs, but that does not mean it is the best chair for you. There are many different variables that you would need to consider:

1. Comfort

2. Style

3. Price

4. Durability

Bean Bag Chair vs. Egg Chair

This is a woman wearing jeans sitting on a colorful orange bean bag chair.

Bean bag chairs, called bag or sac chairs in Italy, first came into existence in 1968. It was in an era where companies could finally mass produce items at a lower cost. Bean bag chairs were initially filled with soft Styrofoam, similar to the packaging peanuts we have today; this ensured that the chair would contour to the shape of the person.

Bean bag chairs have soft fillings such as memory foam, packaging peanuts or quilt, and pillow stuffing; for this reason, bean bag chairs tend to be incredibly soft. The soft stuffing in the bean bag chairs allows for the bean bag chairs to be fluid and mold around the shape of the person sitting in the chair.

Egg chairs were designed and developed a full ten years before bean bag chairs in 1958. Their naturally higher pricing is attributed to people being accustomed to paying more for them when they were first created. The first egg chair was designed and trademarked by Arne Jacobsen.

Egg chairs and bean bag chairs both have multiple health benefits relating to posture. They help to relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain. Bean bag chairs have all these benefits and more; they help relieve some of the strain placed on muscles and joints.

There are many different shapes of egg chairs, and not all of them are comfortable. Hanging egg chairs can be particularly difficult to get in or out of. Their design is especially narrow, leaving little room for maneuvering around. This may become an issue if you enjoy a lot of space and don’t like feeling constricted.

Comfortability: Bean Bag Chairs and Egg Chairs

This is a woven wicker hanging egg chair in the garden.

Bean bag chairs help to improve your posture and promote joint and muscle support. They are available in different colors and styles sizes, so once you find the size that suits your needs, you will be ready to enjoy perfect comfort.

Some egg chairs boast a lot of space, making them the perfect place to curl up with a book and relax. They can be a little narrow, so it’s important to test them thoroughly before making your purchase.

Having tried them both myself, I can attest that there were varying differences.  The egg chair was a little nerve-wracking use because I had to hold myself up to keep my balance as the chair’s backrest was far to the back. The bean bag chair was reassuring and comfortable.  I personally preferred the seating over the egg chair.

How Stylish are Bean Bag Chairs?

This is a close look at a woman sitting on a black bean bag chair outdoor.

Bean bag chairs used to be iconic in gaming rooms and kids’ areas; some even sported the egg shape. However, their colors left something to be desired although they were still favored due to their high level of comfortability. Nowadays, this is no longer the case and they have established a solid identity of their own.

Traditional, old-fashioned bean bag chairs still exist, there is a vast variety of modern options available. They are quite stylish and come in different themes, too.

Structured bean bag chairs have become very popular and are super-stylish. There are many options to choose from:

  • Distressed canvas bean bag chairs
  • Bean bag chairs covered in velvet or faux fur
  • Floral-patterned bean bag chairs

If you want something fun and different, a bean bag chair will suit your need.

How Stylish are Egg Chairs?

A woman in a pink dress relaxing in a white egg chair.

Egg chairs clearly hold the victory over bean bag chairs with regards to style! They are known for being stylish and chic, and they have been the sought-after addition to homes by many homeowners all over the world.

Whether they are used in the lounge or on the patio, egg chairs introduce class and sophistication to your home. Hanging nest egg chairs, transparent or stand-alone egg chairs, or even leather egg chairs can all add that extra level of elegancy that your home or office space needs.

Bean Bag Chairs or Egg Chairs: Which is More Expensive?

Egg chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles that determine their pricing. Because egg chairs are somewhat of a luxury, prices can range from $20 – $1000.  Similarly, there are many different types of bean bag chairs, too. They are much more affordable and range from $20 – $200.

Buying either a bean bag chair or an egg chair at the lowest price might not be the best idea as it would not guarantee a sturdy lifespan. Consider your budget and purchase a product that is going to get you the best value for your money.

Durability of Bean Bag Chairs and Egg Chairs

A man drinking coffee while sitting on a red bean bag chair.

Bean bag chairs have an average life span of about four years before you need to replace the stuffing. The cover for the bean bag chair will last much longer, which means that if you replace the stuffing of your bean bag chair every so often, you could have a chair that lasts you years.

Egg chairs are very durable, and some are made for outside weather conditions. When well looked after, an egg chair will last you years. Egg chairs can be damaged or broken if more than one person sits on a one-person egg chair or the weight limit is exceeded.

When egg chairs are used as intended and specified, they are durable even in outdoor conditions.


Bean bag chairs may have slightly more health benefits and comfortability than egg chairs but that does not mean egg chairs aren’t viable, too.  

Egg chairs are durable and stylish, and a great addition to any space. Consider your specific needs and preferences, weighing up the pros and cons before making the final decision. Good luck!


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