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Do Nightstands Need To Match in Design and/or Height?

A white lamp on a simple nightstand next to the bed.

Bedside tables add a fundamental element to any room. They can highlight and give character to the entire bedroom without forgetting that their presence is fully functional. The selection of the right bedside tables will be the first step to making them useful to us.

Depending on the space in the bedroom, nightstands or bedside tables do not necessarily have to match in design or height. We can have one nightstand if the bed is large and there is minimal space. We can even have two different nightstands with different designs and heights. There is no design rule to say otherwise.

Interior Elements

Bedside tables are represented by small interior elements. They can have different shapes and are presented in different materials. In the bedroom, a product is selected that will cope with important functions:

  • Original bedside tables are indispensable elements for the decoration of rooms, so they can be used for decorative purposes and that is where the design comes in;
  • The design can be intended for bedding or other items in the room, as it is usually equipped with various storage elements, and even a three-drawer option can be purchased, which is spacious and easy to use;
  • The bedside table with mirror allows to visually increase the size of the room, as well as make it more comfortable.

The Selection

A photo of cozy bedroom with cactus houseplant on the wooden side table.

By selecting this piece of furniture correctly, we can get the most out of it. Details such as height, design, and material are fundamental aspects. It is essential to always look for a balance between the aesthetic and the functionality of this type of furniture.

The height of the bedside tables is possibly one of the main aspects to assess. It is extremely uncomfortable to want to place something on it and not be able to do so easily. To avoid this setback, it is best to measure the height of the bed. With this data, then we can go out and buy one.

According to these dimensions, the bedside table should be selected a few centimeters below. This way, we will guarantee to be able to access it easily without much effort.

The Aesthetics and Functionality

The bed shouldn’t be too small because the nightstand will not be as functional or look quite as good. On the other hand, the larger ones can be used to create a center of attention in our bedroom. Its dimensions will always be important because, usually, a lamp will give less room to other things.

Due to its decorative effect in these spaces, we must think about the style of the table that best suits us. The reason is that we don’t always buy all the furniture in the room to match. If we buy the bedside tables separately, we can buy something different that does not match the bed. In this way, if we prefer, we can create a contrast between both pieces.

We simply need to focus on them having one quality in common. These can be color details or materials that can be combined.

The Different Materials

A photo of bedroom focusing the nightstand with books on top of it.

There are even many cases where different nightstands are chosen for both sides of the bed. An important aspect we mentioned is the material. The use of wood is one of the most widespread but, obviously, it is not the only option.

Metal tables look extremely modern, in addition to the glass with its indisputable elegance. Other options are tables that combine several of these materials. The essential thing in the selection of the material, as usually happens with other furniture, is that it is durable.

Mainly because they are parts subjected to continuous use. This will not be a problem because we will find tables with very attractive materials and combinations, even with very interesting color accents.

Mainly, when it comes to those made of wood there are many possibilities, especially when we want them to contrast or be similar to the tone of the bed. Although, as we mentioned, it is not necessary that they are similar. Instead, bet on the contrast that can create the difference. We can match the color details present in the room.

If we have some accents of green, for example, we can choose the tables in this tone.

Storage Possibilities

Functional character is another vital thing when choosing and buying nightstands. The storage possibilities will extend and improve the functions of this piece of furniture. They should have at least one drawer to store things. This will allow us to have everything we need at our fingertips.

In addition to being an excellent means to keep the room organized. We will also keep things more private. If possible, several drawers will be very useful, although those in open spaces are fashionable.


A photo of stylish bedroom with comfortable pillows.

Height is an essential consideration because, with the right height, we can quickly access everything we need from the bed. The design aspect has more to do with personal taste, room space, and aesthetics. Therefore, we don’t necessarily need matching designs, if we want to bring out our quirkiness or make the room meet our specific taste.

It will come down to what we like, since a bedroom is a personal space with a lot of versatility where we can be creative, even with mismatched nightstands.


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