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Dresser vs Dorser

A wooden dresser with tall plants on the side.

With so many options for storage available, it can become a little confusing to know which to use in your own space. We had a look into two viable options for kitchen, dining room, and bedroom storage and have come to some conclusions about the difference between a dresser vs. a dorser, also known as a dosser.

A dresser is basically a set of drawers with shelves or a mirror fitted to the top. It is used to store kitchen utensils, clothing items, or anything that can fit in them.  A dorser consists of a wooden frame with grass baskets that act as drawers. Dossers can be used to store paperwork, clothing, kitchen utensils, or anything that can fit in the baskets.

Suppose you are in the market for storage solutions. In that case, you may be wondering what the difference is between a dresser and a dorser. You may also be wondering which is best for your needs.

We have consolidated a whole lot of information regarding both dressers and dorsers for you. Here is the low-down on what they are, their uses, and what kind of space you can enjoy them in.

What Is A Dresser?

A dresser is a chest of drawers typically made with wood.

In the United States, dressers are typically about waist-height and have a mirror fitted above the drawer section. This makes it a lovely piece of furniture for you while you are getting dressed.

Not only do you have easy access to your clothes and accessories, but you can see your reflection at the same time. The main body of a dresser can contain any number of drawers, and you will find them in a great variety of sizes.

In the United Kingdom, a dresser is a sideboard with shelves fitted to the top. These dressers are used mainly in the kitchen or dining room. Their purpose is to store and display kitchen and dining utensils.

These dressers are often used to showcase beautiful or cherished pieces or dining sets passed down from generation to generation.

The shape of a dresser is typically more or less rectangular, and it has legs that raise it slightly off the floor.

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What Is A Dorser?

A side and front shot of a wood dorser.

The word “dorser” has been around for a long time. It comes from the Latin word “dorsum,” which means “back”.  Later, dorsers were referred to as having a basket resting on the back. Today, we know them as pieces of furniture that can house paperwork, clothing, and other relatively small items.

A dorser is a storage cabinet typically made with wood but can also be made using plastic. The basket that helped give this cabinet its name is what makes up the drawers of the dorser. Drawers can be made with grass or plastic baskets or even with a fabric, like canvas.

Dorsers are a cost-effective storage option and are less permanent and more informal than dressers. Depending on your budget and your style, grass basket dorsers can add just the right amount of rustic appeal to your space.

What Is A Dresser Used For?

Depending on which dresser you have, there are a few ways you can enjoy yours. Let’s have a look at a few ways you can use your dresser.

1. Using A Dresser In The Kitchen or Dining Room

A hutch dresser with dining sets.

If you have an English-style dresser, it will likely have a set of drawers with shelving on top. That makes it perfect for storing kitchen utensils. If your dresser is made with wood, it is vital to ensure enough ventilation in the room.

Exposure to large amounts of steam from cooking in a small space could damage your dresser.

Use the drawers to store large cutlery, like serving dishes and special cutlery that only gets used for special occasions. You may wish to keep placemats, serviette rings, and other dining ware in the drawers too.

Use the shelf space to store valuable china, your dinner service, large platters, and beautiful dishes that may not be in a set.

You can even insert cup hooks and hang your teacups on your dresser.

2. Using A Dresser In The Bedroom

If you have an American-style dresser, it will probably have a set of drawers with a mirror above. While your wardrobe may house your hanging clothes, your dresser is home to folded items, underwear, and accessories.

Having multiple drawers allows you to sort your items according to type. Another good way to decide where to place your items is by use. Place your frequently used items nearer the top of your dresser and the lesser-used ones further down.

That way, you will have easy access to all you need while preparing for the day.

Having a mirror above your drawers is a great addition. It is a bonus to be able to see yourself while you get dressed. Still, depending on the style of your room, you can also store longer necklaces and other jewelry items by hanging them from the frame of your mirror.

What Is A Dorser Used For?

The different styles of dorser available make it a relatively diverse piece of furniture. Let’s have a look at a few ways you can use your dorser.

1. Using A Dorser In The Bedroom

A white plastic dorser.

Dorsers can take the place of a chest of drawers or a dresser. Since most dorsers are about waist-height, you can easily place a mirror on the top surface. In the bedroom, you can store a variety of items in your dorser.

Folded clothes, jewelry, shoes, underwear, hats, and even makeup are among the things that can be kept in a dorser in your bedroom.

Using a grass basket dorser in your bedroom will add a sense of boho or rustic beauty that will transform your space into an island or jungle getaway. One tip for using a grass basket dorser is to place a drawer lining at the bottom of each basket before placing any clothing or small jewelry in it.

The dye used to color the grass does sometimes leach onto clothing, and small pieces of jewelry could fall between the grass weave.

If you have a plastic basket dorser, you may use it to store your shoes, makeup, or other small items.

Using a canvas drawer dorser in the bedroom will give a feeling of modern ease. The light color and feel of the fabric, combined with the wooden frame, is a lovely contrast. You can store a variety of items in a canvas basket dorser.

2. Using A Dorser In The Laundry Room

Having a plastic or wooden dorser in the laundry room is a great way to store your cleaning products, hangers, dryer balls, socks without pairs, and other cleaning items. Having these items stored in drawers keeps them out of sight yet easily reached for use.

3. Using A Dorser In The Study or Sitting Room

A colorful mini plastic dorser,

Dorsers come in handy in the study, where there is typically a great deal of paperwork and stationery to store. Place labels on the front of the basket drawers to remind yourself what each drawer contains.

Grass basket dorsers can even be used as a TV cabinet. Place the Television on top of the wooden frame and store remote controls, game controls, DVDs, coasters, throws, and more in the basket drawers. Using a dorser in the sitting room is a great way to keep the room looking clean and tidy, with all the clutter neatly stored and easy to reach.

Dresser vs Dorser: Last Words

While dressers and dorsers are reasonably similar, they have some significant differences that could help you decide which is for you.

Dressers are typically made of good, solid, and relatively expensive materials. Their nature makes them a bit of an investment and a permanent feature in your home.  Dorsers are typically made from lighter, inexpensive materials.

They are easy to move around, and their nature makes them a good option for non-permanent furniture pieces or a more relaxed style.

Both dressers and dorsers offer storage space for medium to small items and can be put to good use in whichever area you choose to place them.


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