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How Tall Should a Nightstand Be? Wide? Deep? Long?

A very feminine interior bedroom with a flowers in a nightstand.

Looking to find the perfect size for a nightstand before buying? Generally, your nightstand should be the same height as your bed, with the average bed being 25 inches tall. The perfect width and length for your nightstand depend on how much surface area and storage space you’re looking to utilize.

Khloe Kardashian is one celebrity that knows the value of keeping essential items on her nightstand. According to Glamour, she loves to keep snacks, candles, reading glasses, hand lotion, and other necessities on her nightstand.

However, I believe getting the most out of your nightstand starts with finding one that’s the perfect height, width, and depth. So, this article answers the question, “How tall should a nightstand be? Wide? Deep? Long?”

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How To Figure Out The Perfect Height for Your Nightstand

Front view photo of wooden nightstand.

Nightstand heights can range from 24 to 30 inches, so it’s not advisable to stroll into a furniture store and buy a nightstand without considering height. This is one mistake I once made, and I ended up with the worst case of buyer’s regret. Imagine trying to reach for something on your nightstand, and the movement feels unnatural because the height of your nightstand is all wrong.

So it’s worth it to figure out the right fit for your nightstands beforehand. The general rule when it comes to how tall nightstands should be is that they should be as close as possible to the height of your bed. But there are a few other factors to consider as well.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Nightstand Height

Whether you’re purchasing a single nightstand or going for a matching pair, you should do the following before you start shopping.

Measure the Height of Your Bed

Close up view of modern colorful interior of bed and nightstand.

As mentioned, the rule of thumb is to choose a nightstand that’s the same height as your mattress and bed frame combined. The best thing is if your nightstand is level with the bed, but it’s still okay if it’s a few inches taller or shorter.

According to Sleep Foundation, the average bed frame is 12 to 16 inches tall, while the standard mattress has a height of 10 to 15 inches. That means the perfect nightstand height for you could be anywhere from 22 to 31 inches, depending on the measurements you get, though it’s usually closer to 24 or 25 inches for the average bed.

Smaller nightstands often work better with thinner mattresses or mattresses placed directly on the floor without the support of a platform. On the other hand, modern mattresses have increased height, so a taller nightstand is usually preferable.

Measure Your Height

A bright bedroom interior and a pink vase on top of nightstand.

Your nightstand doesn’t always have to be level with your mattress. If you’re particularly tall, you might find a nightstand 2-4 inches taller to be more suitable. In most instances, it’s better to have a nightstand taller than your mattress. When you’re lying in bed, it’s far easier to reach up for something than to reach down.

In addition, if you want to pick up something from your nightstand while standing, it’s more convenient to have a taller nightstand that doesn’t require you to stoop so much. To get an idea of the best nightstand height for you, I recommend that you measure the length of your arms. Also, try lying in bed or standing up and pretending you’re picking something up from your nightstand to determine the height you need your nightstand to be.

Measure Headboard and Lamp Height

If your bedroom is like most bedrooms, you probably have a headboard and a lamp. The height of your nightstand matters in relation to these things. For starters, the nightstand height you choose should complement the headboard’s height and scale. It’s all about the aesthetics and the cohesiveness of your bedroom’s furniture and decor.

Second, if you have bedside lamps, consider the lamp height and how the lamp will look on top of the nightstand. For the lamps to be correct in scale, your nightstand shouldn’t be significantly taller than your mattress. Ideally, the top of the lamp should be somewhere close to the top of your headboard. This enables the lamps to cast light effectively across your bed and the room.

Overall, you can find the perfect height for your nightstand by taking as many measurements as possible. This will help you determine how everything scales out. Besides ensuring that the nightstand is as tall as the top of your mattress, you should also check the headboard height and lamp height, and dimensions.

Choose the Type of Nightstand You Want

A modern colorful bedroom interior and nightstand.

The type of nightstand you choose will have a bearing on the ideal height for your nightstand. Generally, there are three types of nightstands: bedside chest, bedside cabinet, and bedside table. If you have a bedside chest or cabinet, it’s okay for the nightstand to sit a little taller than the mattress.

This will give you easier access to the drawers and cabinets. However, a simple bedside table is better off the same height as your mattress to provide you with easier access to the bedside lamp and whatever items you may have on the tabletop, such as an alarm clock.

Can You Choose Nightstands That Are Different Heights?

In some instances, you may need to get nightstands of different heights. For example, your partner’s needs may be different from yours. Fortunately, nightstand sellers offer nightstands that typically range in height from 24″ -30″ inches or more.

This allows you to select nightstands of different heights based on each user’s utilization comfort. However, some people might not like choosing nightstands that are different heights if it gives the room a lopsided look.

How Wide, Deep, Or Long Should A Nightstand Be?

A king sized bed in the bright bedroom.

The ideal depth of your nightstand can be anywhere from 20 to 30 inches, depending mainly on the height of the bed. You may need a considerably taller nightstand – probably 30–40 inches deep if you have a king-sized bed.

As for the width and length of the nightstand, you need to consider the amount of storage space and surface area of the tabletop that works for you. If you need to store several items on your nightstand, then you need a nightstand that’s a larger size. Typically, people keep essentials such as books, alarm clocks, sleep masks, water bottles, and beauty products on nightstands. If you have more essentials to store, you’re better off choosing a bedside chest or cabinet.

Most nightstands have a width of not more than 25 inches. The nightstand shouldn’t take up too much wall space as this can make your bedroom feel cramped and prevent you from getting out of bed comfortably.

When deciding on the surface area of your nightstand’s tabletop, start by making a list of all the necessities you’ll keep on your nightstand. If you have more objects to keep, you should purchase a nightstand that’s wider and longer. While at it, make sure the scale of your nightstand still complements your bed and the size of your lamp, headboard, and other bedroom furniture.

The Final World

As you can see, not all nightstands are made equal. So, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach when buying a nightstand, you should consider the size and height of your bed, plus other factors.

Generally, the nightstand should be as tall as your bed, give or take a few inches. In addition, the width and length of the nightstand should provide enough surface area for your needs while fitting comfortably into your bedroom and matching the scale of other bedroom furniture.

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