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Is It Okay For a Coffee Table To Be Higher Than The Couch?

A photo of flowers and glass bowls on modern wooden table and cozy sofa and pillows.

When we talk about the measurements of a coffee table for the living room, unconsciously the length and width should have come to mind. However, there is a third measure as important as the other two and that we should not neglect, and it is the height.

Yes, because the three measures as a whole give a volume, and this is important when assessing not only what measure should have our ideal coffee table, but also the style and design of the table for which we should choose.

The Choice

Speaking only of its height, the usual thing is that we should choose one that is more or less the height that the seat of a sofa has. And what does this one measure? Well, it depends on the style, the design and the type of sofa and coffee table we look at.

The normal would be between 35, 40, and 45 cm in height, but there are sofas with a lower seat and, on the contrary, sofas that are higher. There are also coffee tables of varying heights.

Complementing the Living Room

A bright living room with a coffee cup and book on a green side table.

Either way, both the sofa and coffee table are a great complement in our living room. In general, coffee tables go to the sides of your sofa. They provide style and are very useful to add extra light from a lamp. We must take into account two aspects.

The first thing is that the side tables should be 15 cm from the sofa, chairs or other seating, and should always be smaller than the side of your sofa. With these tips, everything will look perfect!

Height and Width of the Coffee Table

If we want our living room to look proportionate, we should consider the height and width of our coffee table. The reference will always be the size of the sofa:

  • First, the coffee table should measure at least half of our main chair. For example, if it is 2 meters long, your coffee table should be at least 1 meter long.
  • Height is also a key factor in making our table comfortable if we want to enjoy a delicious snack, for example. Ideally, it should have the same height as our sofa or its difference is not more than 10 cm. Apply this rule and we will see how it looks in decorating our living room.

The Comfort

A couple sitting in the sofa talking at each other.

Why is height important on a coffee table? First of all for comfort. A coffee table will be comfortable or not, mainly because of its height. Keep in mind that a coffee table is not only designed to decorate, quite the contrary, but its functional appearance is also as important as the first.

Sitting down on the sofa for coffee with friends, or being relaxed watching TV in the living room are super common activities in which the coffee table participates in a very active way. That it is comfortable to leave a cup of coffee or glass while we are sitting on the sofa, or to be able to rest your feet on the table, are among other two actions in which the height of a coffee table participates very actively.

The Functionality

If in the functional and practical aspects, the height of the table has a determining importance, and on the decorative side, it will not be less. Keep in mind that decoration is a game of volumes, shapes, and finishes, and of these, the first is undoubtedly one of the most important.

The volume of a piece of furniture is determined by three measures: length, width, and height, and only the right balance of the three will make a piece of furniture fit perfectly in the space for which it was intended.

The Options to Consider

A sweater and cup of tea on a serving tray on a coffee table.

In any other piece of furniture in the house, variations of any of these measures may not be so important. A chest of drawers, a sideboard, or a bookcase, having 5cm or so in height can be insignificant, but on a coffee table, these 5 cms can or almost certainly will be decisive, not only for the aesthetics of our living room, but also for your comfort.

If there is a piece of furniture where the customary option would be super recommended, without a doubt one of them would be this, our coffee table. Being able to make it the right height, and the length and width that fits perfectly with the space we have in our living room, are options to consider.


In some online stores, there are models in which we can not only choose their measurements, but also their finish. There is a perfect combination between a sofa and a coffee table: the sofa and table have designs that always surprise us with their trends, colors, and textures.

To make them look wonderful in the decoration of our living room, we must take into account two essential tips: it is that the height is equal to that of our sofa or with a difference not exceeding 10 cm. If there is more than one, consider 15 cm of separation between them.


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