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Should I Have Two Nightstands or is One Okay?

A photo of light bedroom with two nightstand.

Night tables are instrumental elements in the bedroom. Why? They are quite functional and are one of the most contributory decorations. It is difficult to think about not having them in a bedroom.

In this article, we will discuss whether two nightstands are better than one. Nightstands add a special element to your bedroom, giving it ease and comfort. Therefore, it has to be defined by its aesthetics.

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The Small Bedroom

Three years ago, I lived somewhere that had a small bedroom and it was very difficult to use two nightstands. I had to use one in my bedroom and put the other one in the living room. Everything was so tight that it complicated daily life, such as cleaning or making the bed.

I hear that it is better to have two nightstands since it gives the room balance, but from my experience, I think if you have one in a small room, nothing is wrong with that. Therefore, it is safe to say that it all depends on the space we are working with. Let’s take a more in-depth look into this whole dynamic.

The Functionality

A photo of white bedroom and a nightstand with lamp.

They fulfill 5 basic functions (I have tried to summarize them in 5):

1. Comfort: When we go to bed, if we have a bedside table, we can leave our earrings, the clock, the alarm clock, or anything we need at bedtime.

For example, if we are one of the people who needs a little water at night, the night table gives us the comfort of having it nearby.

2. They provide balance: On a visual level, when next to a bed there are two tables, we detect the balance. And therefore, they provide the balance we need in the bedroom.

3. The bedside tables allow us to store personal items, to have them at hand and store them in an orderly way in the drawers. As for the decoration, they match the bed and the other furniture and provide a very nice touch.

4. Storage: With drawers, the nightstand can store various items that we need handy.

5. Feng Shui: Maintaining the balance that two nightstands bring, whether you are a couple or single.

Their Purpose

A photo of modern lamp, alarm clock and books on a nightstand.

Nightstands exist in various shapes and colors. There are even some that come built-in with the bed. In addition, they allow us to hold other types of objects, such as portrait holders, lamps, flowers, or decorative reminders.

The night table could be the place where we could put:

  • A lamp
  • Book for reading
  • Your medication
  • Alarm clock
  • Television remote

To have our own personal space, we should consider 2 nightstands if we live with a partner.

The Integration

Night tables can be integrated into the headboard to free up space. It is also convenient that the tables have drawers, or a drawer, to store things that you may need at night. Do not clutter the tables with bills, work, or study materials.

It can interrupt our rest and we can find ourselves waking up thinking about those “pending” things. If we like reading in bed, with two or three books, we should still never make our little table the library.

The Size and Shape

A modern design nightstand on a white background.

The size and shape will also contribute to whether we can host two nightstands or not in the bedroom. With a smaller space like I had, then we should consider the size and shape of the nightstand we choose. An end table would probably work better than a square nightstand because it takes up less space.

Be careful with how end tables are utilized in place of nightstands. We found that they are much shorter and have less storage.

Maintaining Size

There are no specific rules or requirements to have two nightstands. It all depends on our need for storage space and our personal taste. Most people follow the design symmetry of having two nightstands instead of one. We need to manage our bedroom space and avoid clutter.

Therefore, if it means having one nightstand, then that is the clear choice of furniture. However, we could downgrade to having two smaller nightstands, but it depends on the size of the bed. This option might work best with a double-sized bed rather than a queen-sized or king-sized bed.

If your bed is smaller or larger, the nightstand must be smaller or larger as well.


A photo of cozy bedroom between two nightstand.

To summarize, by having two nightstands, there will be more symmetry. However, if the room is small, then it is best to have just one nightstand. If the bed is larger, and there is not enough space, then it is best to go with one nightstand.

For those buying furniture as a set and want to go with the two nightstands, one option could be having it custom made using the bedroom measurements. If there is little space for the extra nightstand, then we recommend considering a bookcase placed behind the bed, a small stool, or a lamp with shelves. Have a creative mind.


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