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15 Different Types of Bean Bag Chairs

A woman seating on a red bean bag.

Adding a bean bag chair can instantly give any room a homely feel. These indulgent, poofy seats seem to beg you to sink into their contoured plumpness. Traditionally, we may have only encountered these fabulous bags of comfort in a kid’s bedroom or the corner of the family room.

Recently bean bag chairs have become extremely popular.  They are highly versatile décor features that are suitable in a variety of settings.

Bean bag chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also contain different materials. These are some well-known types of bean bag chairs:

  1. Square
  2. Round
  3. Teardrop
  4. Roma
  5. Gaming
  6. Corporate
  7. Outdoor
  8. Pyramid
  9. Novelty
  10. Kids
  11. Teen
  12. Couples
  13. Giant-Size
  14. Lounger
  15. Multipurpose

Bean bag chairs have been around for more than fifty years and come in all shapes and sizes. These charming seats can be made from various materials, which each have their own unique appeal.

To select the best bean bag chair for your setting, you must know how each chair’s shape, covering, and composition will affect its overall comfort.

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Things To Consider When Selecting A Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag designs can vary greatly, and when selecting a bean bag chair, the following are important considerations:

  • Bean Bag Filling
  • Bean Bag Covering
  • Ergonomic Support
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Functionality
  • Openings and Zippers

Various designs often mix and match elements, and bean bag chairs can be customized to become unique items to fit the environment where they will be used ideally. Bean bag chairs have even become incredibly stylish seating options in modern office settings where the focus is on creativity.

When selecting a bean bag chair for your home or office, consider each element that makes up the chair types. While evaluating bean bag chairs and deciding which one will be right for you,  there are some factors that you should keep in mind.

1. What’s Inside A Bean Bag Chair?

A close shot of bean bag chair with brickwall background.

They are firm yet squishy and perfectly mold around your body to hold you when you flop down, but what exactly is inside a bean bag chair?

Natural Fillers

The earliest type of filling in early bean bags was, you guessed it, beans! The sacks were filled with dried beans or grains, like corn or rice. As you can imagine, this made the early bean bag chairs extremely solid and heavy.

These natural fillers were soon replaced with lightweight synthetic material. Interestingly, natural fillers have started to gain popularity as people try to make eco-friendlier options when shopping. Modern all-natural bean bag filler is usually buckwheat hulls.

Polystyrene Beads

Tiny, round polystyrene beads are the most commonly used filler of bean bag chairs. It is the same material that disposable cups are often made from. It works well as a filler because it is very light, affordable, and resistant to heat and moisture.

The tiny beads move freely inside the thick cover and provide a seating place with some ‘give’ when you settle in, then compress to create a secure chair.

The only drawback with these beads is that they tend to become compressed, and you may need to give your bean bags a shake occasionally to make them soft again.

EPP Beads

This synthetic material is popular in Asian countries as a filling for bean bag chairs. The beads of this substance are more foam-like, which means that they are super soft and comfortable and quickly spring back to their original shape and size.

This quality makes them a more comfortable option as bean bag filler, but the drawback is that this material is highly flammable.  EPP also needs to stay in a completely sealed environment as it breaks down when exposed to oxygen.

Compressed Foam

Many of us already have a memory foam pillow or slippers, and this futuristic material invented for use by NASA is fast becoming a popular filling for bean bags. This material makes the bean bag chair easy to compress to store.

Because the chips of foam are quite large, it works best with a thick covering.

2. What Coverings Can A Bean Bag Chair Have?

A woman sleeping on a furry bean bag chair.

One of the best things about bean bag chairs is that they can be made from many different materials. So long as they are durable and washable, these can include leather, suede, denim, corduroy, faux fur.

Bean bag chairs can also be covered in waterproof coverings so that they can be used outside.

Vinyl-covered bean bag chairs are popular because they have tough exteriors that are easy to wipe clean. However, when used for extended periods, they can start to feel sticky or rough to touch.

Most bean bag covers are easy to remove and fully machine washable. They can be purchased separately, and the décor of any room can receive an instant facelift by changing the cover on the bean bag chair.

3. Ergonomic Support

Many styles of bean bag chairs offer huge value when they come to ergonomic support. When selecting a type of bean bag chair, keep its purpose in mind.  If you need extra support for your hips, back, neck or shoulders, choose a design that cushions and molds firmly against those areas.

4. What Shape Is A Bean Bag Chair?

Two outdoor white leather bean bag chair.

There is no standard shape for bean bag chairs. The original shape resembled an elongated sack with a narrow top, but these have made way for an exciting selection of options.  The only common element is that they are super-comfortable chairs that add a touch of homeliness to any setting.

Bean bag chairs have evolved from being primarily single-seater functional chair-type furnishings to modern décor statements. There are bean bags for specific uses like gaming and outsized bean bag chairs that can accommodate the entire family.

5. What Size Are Bean Bag Chairs?

There are no standard sizes for bean bag chairs. Sizes start at small single-seat pads like the Roma-style bean bag chairs, which are perfect for sports events or camping and range through to oversized 8ft lounger bean bag chairs.

The size of the bean bag chair you choose should be determined by the size of the area where it will be placed. Fortunately, no matter how large the size of the bean bag chair is, they remain light and easy to move around, which is an excellent feature.

6. What Will The Bean bag Chair Be Used For?

A woman sitting on a bean bag chair.

When selecting a bean bag chair, the most important aspect is knowing what it will be used for. This will determine almost every other part of the decision. If it’s just for occasionally relaxing while at home reading a book, you would have far more options available than if it was intended as an office chair in a corporate setting.

7. Bean bag Chairs Openings and Zippers

As much as you may fall instantly in love with the look and feel of a particular type of bean bag chair, think long-term. At some point, your bean bag chair will need to be cleaned, or the filling may need to be replaced or topped up.

Before you settle on a specific type of bean bag chair, check that it has openings or zippers that are manageable for you to perform these tasks easily.

While it is important that the filling of bean bag chairs is securely bagged so that you can change the outer covering without having an explosion of tiny particles, it is even more critical that the entire unit can be securely closed.

Children have a way of exploring, so check that outside zippers are well hidden or can be locked to keep the contents of your bean bag chair inside the chair.

Types Of Bean Bag Chairs

1. Round Bean Bag Chairs

Amazon Basics Memory Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair with Microfiber Cover - 3', Gray

Round bean bag chairs are the most common type of bean bag chair. As the name implies, they are circular and usually relatively small. They are excellent as comfortable spots to plop down for short periods.

Round bean bag chairs can be pretty minimalistic and practical in appearance. When selecting from this type of bean bag chair, keep in mind that it may not give the same level of support to your back or shoulders as some of the other types.

However, they are neat and practical. Excellent additions to any environment like classrooms where you want to create a comfortable feeling, but at the same time need to hold everyone’s attention.

2. Square Bean Bag Chairs

A square leather bean bag chair.

Source: Architectural Digest

Square-shaped bean bag chairs can take the place of a recliner or sofa chair as they usually have armrests and some back support. Like all bean bag chairs, they can be used in formal or informal settings.

The square shape of these bean bag chairs makes them more popular with adults than children because they tend to be slightly larger and bulkier than round or pear-shaped bean bag chairs.

Big Joe Store has a square ‘Grab and Go’ bean bag chair perfect for comfort during outings.  These square-shaped bean bag chairs will give your back support and keep you off the ground while on picnics or camping.

3. Teardrop Shaped Bean Bag Chairs

A black teardrop shaped bean bag chair.

Source: Amazon

If comfort is your number one requirement, then a pear-shaped bean bag chair should be on top of your list. If it is correctly sized, this type of bean bag chair will support your hips, back, and neck.

The large round seating area will securely cushion your hips while you recline and your back molds into the narrower back area. This shape offers more support than basic round bean bag chairs but doesn’t require much more space than a regular chair.

A teardrop shape bean bag chair gives you the advantages of an old-fashioned chair along with the comfort and support of a bean bag.

4. Roma Bean Bag Chairs

Big Joe Roma Smartmax, Sapphire

Cool just got a whole lot cooler! A completely new style of bean bag chair has arrived. Roma bean bag chairs provide casual, lightweight seating to a variety of settings. The unique U-shape design that nestles low on the ground offers a new dimension to traditional bean bag chair shapes.

Roma-type bean bag chairs combine a rocker-style chair with the comfort of a bean bag chair.

5. Bean bag Chairs For Gaming

Gaming Bean Bag Chair for Adults, [Cover ONLY No Filling] with High Back, Fun Gaming Sofa, Big Bean Bag Chairs for Teens and Kids, Dorm Chair, Gamer Beanbag Gaming Chair (Black/Red)

Gaming Bean bag chairs have taken these classic comfy seats to another level. Besides offering back and neck support for the hours spent gaming, these bean bag chairs have side pockets to hold controllers or snacks.

There is even a headphone hanger to keep those precious headphones off the floor.

Gaming bean bag chairs are an excellent option for teens or dorm rooms as, besides looking modern and nifty, they provide excellent back and neck support. The outside fabric is solid and waterproof, and it has a convenient carry to make moving it easy.

6. Corporate Bean bag Chairs

A man seating on a corporate bean bag chair.

Source: Walmart

Bean bag chairs are sure to bring a smile. People tend to feel more relaxed, and creativity is increased when staff feels engaged. Bean bag chairs are becoming trendy additions to many workplaces.

Keeping staff motivated and excited about being at work might be easy as replacing their regular office chair with a bright bean bag chair that will provide ergonomic support as they work.

Or if replacing the desk chairs feels a bit too drastic, start with just the meeting area. There are specific bean bag chairs designed for business needs, and they will add a touch of fun and spark to any tired corporate space.

7. Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

Great Deal Furniture Tulum Outdoor Dark Grey Water Resistant Fabric Bean Bag Lounger

Bean bag chairs are lightweight, so they are perfect to use outside where seating can be rearranged or new sunny spots can be enjoyed without any heavy lifting.

Outdoor bean bag chairs come in various comfortable shapes and sizes, but the one thing that sets them apart is the outer covering. To stay outside, these bean bag chairs need to be weather resistant.

Whether you enjoy long summer days relaxing beside the pool or crisp fall evenings on the porch, bean bag chairs are available that are affordable alternatives to solid clunky furniture.

8. Pyramid Shaped Bean bag Chairs

A man and a woman seating on a pyramid bean bag chair.

Source: Yogibo

These cute and portable bean bag chairs are perfect for outings or sporting events. The unique pyramid shape provides a cozy seat for one person. Yogibo has an excellent range of these bean bag chairs, which are specially designed for outdoor use.

9. Novelty Bean bag Chairs

Aubliss Unicorn Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair for Kids, Velvet Extra Soft Beanbag Chairs Cover, X-Large Stuffable Zipper Bean Bag for Organizing Plush Toys Girls Bedroom Decor, Monkey

Let your imagination be your only limitation when dreaming up the perfect bean bag chair for your child’s themed room or as a gift. Bean bag chairs only need a new cover to take on an entirely new look each time you redecorate.

There are bean bag chairs types available that can convert between being filled with regular bean bag filler, or the outer cover can act as a storage bag for plush toys.

This versatile bean bag even features a covered zipped so it won’t scratch wooden floors when little ones drag their favorite comfy seat to new spots.

10. Kids Bean bag Chairs

A kids bean bag chair.

Source: Wayfair

Although anyone who uses a bean bag chair is a kid at heart, these comfy seats also come in actual kiddies sizes. These smaller-sized bean bag chairs can be fun additions to your child’s room or reading corner. They are low to the ground, so they can easily hop on, and the bean bag will perfectly cushion little bodies comfortably.

Big Joe’s Kids Small Bean bag chair is an affordable and stain-resistant option available in a vast range of colors. Bean bag chairs are an excellent option for kids as they are light, and children can move them around independently.

They are also tough enough to withstand rough-and-tumble games.

When purchasing bean bag chairs for kids, ensure that the zipper or opening is securely covered. Children are naturally curious, so choose a locked zipper style or a double zipper to avoid any inevitable filler explosions!

11. Teen Bean bag Chairs

A young girl seating on a red bean bag chair.

Source: Posh Creation

Teens have a style all of their own, and keeping up with their changing tastes could be as simple as occasionally changing bean bag chair covers. Bean bag chairs are the perfect cozy spots where teens can have serious conversations or study for tests.

Teen-sized bean bag chairs come in a variety of designs. There are basic-style flat cushy pads, elevated traditional round-shaped bean bag chairs, and trendy full-body-sized bean bag chairs.

Besides the size, the differentiating factor that makes a bean bag chair a must-have teen décor accessory is the color of the outer covering. These can be sparkly, patterned, or bright lumo colors.

Posh Creations has a chair specifically sized for tweens and teens. The Malibu chair is affordable and comes in a range of bright colors. They are lightweight, yet supportive and the easy-clean fabric cover means cleaning won’t be a hassle.

12. Bean bag Chairs For Couples

ULTIMATE SACK 6000 (6 Ft.) Bean Bag Chair: Giant Foam-Filled Furniture - Machine Washable Covers, Durable Inner Liner, 100% Virgin Foam. Comfy Bean Bag Chair. (Red, Suede)

Bean bag chairs are no longer just single-seaters. They can be the perfect cushioned nest for couples to catch up after a long day at work or a snug space to curl up and watch a movie. These oversized bean bag chairs provide ample room all the way around, so you won’t feel like you are falling off.

Bean bag chairs work well for couples because, unlike similar air-filled products, they do not transfer movement through the unit.

The filling compacts and absorbs the pressure from the weight being placed on it, so you don’t have to worry about being bounced around during your favorite movie if your partner is restless.

When selecting a couple’s bean bag, soft covers are preferable to provide maximum comfort. Ultimate Sack has a 6ft bean bag chair that is perfect for couples and features interchangeable outer covers that are double stitched for strength and durability.

There is also a matching bean bag footstool available for people with long legs who like to stretch out.

13. Giant-Sized Bean bag Chairs

A family seating on a giant bean bag chair.

Source: Walmart

When it comes to bean bag chairs, bigger is always better! A giant bean bag chair filled with cushiony soft memory foam will quickly become a favorite gathering spot in your home. A 7ft luxury bean bag chair will provide a place to relax and be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, or family rooms.

Spending time together as a family will be easy, and because bean bag chairs are lightweight, they are easy to move around despite their ample size. Covers are interchangeable and machine washable.

The whole look of a room can be refreshed or changed according to a holiday season by simply changing the cover on the giant bean bag chair.

Lumaland has a versatile giant bean bag chair that is 7ft long and will fit into various settings. The memory foam inside arrives in a compressed form and expands to its full size after a few days to provide a warm, luxurious filling for your bean bag chair.

14. Lounger Bean bag Chairs

A woman on a lounger bean bag chair.

Source: Walmart

Bean bag loungers are oversized bean bag chairs that can comfortably seat three adults. It is perfect for game nights or parties when you need extra seating. When multiple people are not using it, it’s the ideal comfortable space to stretch out on your own for some quiet time.

Logan House has an 8ft bean bag lounger that comes with a soft faux suede cover. These oversized lounger-style bean bag chairs are made extra-tough to comfortably accommodate even the most enthusiastic sports fan on game day.

This particular design is also eco-friendly as its puncture-proof interior is filled with recycled foam.

15. Multipurpose Bean bag Chairs

A woman on a multipurpose bean bag chair.

Source: Yogibo

Imagine a bean bag chair that can also be used as an extra comfortable recliner or bed. Yogibo has introduced an outsized bean bag chair that reduces pressure points and provides a full-body cocoon perfect for pregnant women or people who suffer from back issues.

The Yogibo Max is an ultra-comfortable bean bag chair and can be used for much more than just seating. Its long shape can accommodate four people or transform into a comfortable spare bed when you need it.

Like all bean bag chairs, it is lightweight, so it can be stored standing upright to take up less space.


Adding a bean bag chair can make any living space instantly unique and comfortable. There are bean bag chairs to suit every environment, from cozy private rooms at home to corporate settings. Bean bag chairs are affordable and lightweight.

Modern styles have included double stitching for greater durability. Changing the entire look of a room can be as simple can changing the cover on an existing bean bag chair.


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