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8 Different Types of Dressers

This is a vintage blue wooden dresser with decors on top.

A dresser, also known as a closet, a wardrobe, a cabinet, a highboy or tallboy, a commode, a chiffonier, a bureau, or a vanity, is an essential piece of furniture used to store clothes and other belongings. Dressers have stood the test of time and have been reinvented in so many different styles and types. The best way to differentiate between all the types of dressers is by their body shape, size, and drawer fronts.

Even though dressers serve the same purpose, there are various types of dressers to accommodate different needs. Different types of dressers include;

  • Storage Dressers
  • Double Dressers
  • Tall Dressers
  • Standard Horizontal Dressers
  • Long Dressers
  • Combo Dressers
  • Custom Made Dressers
  • Armoires

With a wide variety such as this, it can be confusing to know which is which. This article will discuss the difference between all the different types of dressers to help you choose the correct one to suit your needs, style, and preferences.

Different Types of Dressers

Many people are confused about what the difference is between a dresser and a chest of drawers. They both possess drawers that are used to store clothing and other belongings.

The difference comes in with their shapes and size. A chest of drawers is typically tall and narrow, whereas a dresser is usually shorter and wider.

A dresser, by definition, is a short and wide furniture piece that features multiple drawers in two (or more) columns with six (or more) drawers. Below is an in-detail list of the different types of dressers, their uses, and popular dresser brand examples for each type.

Storage Dressers

This is a white modern storage dresser with a flower vase on top.

Storage dressers are often referred to as storage chests. However, instead of falling in the chest category, they remain, to this day, on the dressers list, and here is why. It is said that the storage dresser was one of the earliest dressers ever made.

It consists of four sides and a bottom, and people use them by lifting open the top (usually hinged for opening and closing) to store their possessions, clothes, and other valuables.

Popular Storage Dresser Designs

7 Drawers Dresser – Furniture Storage Tower Unit For Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization By dazzlingNdelightful

This is the Dadou Boutique Dresser Storage Organizer from Etsy.

Source: Etsy

This storage dresser has a simple, modern design that will match almost any type of style in your home.

Dimensions: 39.3” L x 11.8” W x 21.6” H

Number of Drawers: 7

Brand: dazzlingNdelightful

Style: Modern

Materials: MDF wood top, steel, fabric

Price: $144.72

Find It Here

Bohemian Dresser. Carved Furniture. Hand-painted Bureau. Upcycled Chest. Eclectic Decor. Boho Décor By VDownsHealingArts

This is the VDownsHealingArts Bohemian hand-carved dresser from Etsy.

Source: Etsy

This beautiful, sturdy dresser with its tall mirror is finished in a stunning cobalt blue, blended with a vibrant purple.

It features unique carving, and the sides and insides of 3 of the drawers are decoupaged with a playful coordinating paper, while the remaining three are finished in a turquoise wax. Finally, the entire dresser is finished with clear wax and screams bohemian!

Dimensions: 31.25″ H x 20″ D x 66″ W

Number Of Drawers: 6

Brand: VDownsHealingArts

Style: Bohemian, eclectic

Materials: Clay paint, wood

Price: $1240.40

Find It Here

Double Dressers

This is a modern light gray double dresser with wood grain design.

Double dressers are usually very wide and consist of two columns of wide, spacious drawers. You will find these types of dressers in a couple’s room who are sharing one storage space or in children’s bedrooms.

These dressers generally have six to nine drawers (usually two or three rows) and look nice with a mirror on top. Double dressers need more floor space than taller, narrower dressers would, as they are mainly shorter and much wider than the other dressers.

So, make sure that you have ample space in your bedroom before you decide on this type of dresser; otherwise, you may regret your choice in the future.

Popular Double Dresser Designs

Archer 6 Drawer 61” W Solid Wood Double Dresser By Mercury Row®

This is the Mercury Row Archer 6 Drawer 61'' W Solid Wood Double Dresser from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

This dresser from Mercury row is slightly perched on top of splayed legs. It features striking herringbone wood paneling and fits perfectly into any contemporary space. The Archer dresser’s drawers are fitted with metal ball-bearing gliders, and the dresser is made of solid acacia wood.

Dimensions: 32” H x 61” W x 18” D

Number Of Drawers: 6

Brand: Mercury Row

Style: Contemporary

Materials: Solid acacia wood

Price: $1,039.99

Find It Here

Epitome 6 Drawer 62” W Double Dresser By Hashtag Home

This is the Hashtag Home Epitome 6 Drawer 62'' W Double Dresser from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

Eye-catching in every sense of the word, this lovely Epitome dresser by Hashtag Home puts a modern spin on a mid-century design.

The dresser is crafted from manufactured and solid wood, has a silhouette with rounded edges, and splayed tapered legs. The fronts of the dresser drawers feature recessed handles and a contrasting gloss finish.

Dimensions: 32.5” H x 62” W x 15.5” D

Number Of Drawers: 6

Brand: Hashtag Home

Style: Modern Mid Century, contemporary

Materials: Manufactured Wood, Solid Wood

Color Options: Walnut white, Natural grey

Price: $529.99

Find It Here

Midfield 6 Drawer 32.7” W Double Dresser By Loon Peak

This is the Loon Peak Midfield 6 Drawer 32.7'' W Double Dresser from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

The Midfield dresser has an elegant, simple look in a retro style and will fit in with any type of décor. It is made of high-quality MDF and features six non-woven, breathable cloth drawers with a strong metal frame.

Dimensions: 31.5” H x 32.7” W x 11.7” D

Brand: Loon Peak

Style: Retro

Materials: MDF, iron

Color Options: Dark brown, Brown

Price: $101.99

Find It Here

Tall Dressers

This is a modern tall mahogany dresser with wooden handles.

Tall dressers are typically high and narrow in appearance. The tall dresser possesses about the same space as a long bedroom dresser; however, they take up less floor space than long dressers.

Popular Tall Dresser Designs

Hayley 5 Drawer Tall Dresser By Kelly Clarkson Home

This is the Kelly Clarkson Home Hayley 5 Drawer 40.13'' W from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

The perfect addition to any guest bedroom or master suite, the Hayley dresser adds a lovely vintage charm to your space. The dresser features traditional elements such as framed drawer fronts, bracket feet, carved pilasters, and a slim top drawer ideal for storing jewelry and other delicate items.

The dresser has a beautiful distressed, weathered white finish against a contrasting brown surface, and the drawers are fitted with antique brass hue-finished metal pulls. The product is hand-curated by Kelly Clarkson.

Dimensions: 58.13” H x 40.13” W x 18.13” D

Number Of Drawers: 5

Brand: Kelly Clarkson Home

Style: French country, vintage, traditional

Materials: MDF, solid wood

Price: $799.99

Find It Here

Isabela Solid Pine Wood Chest Dresser By Red Barrel Studio

This is the Red Barrel Studio Isabela Solid Pine Wood 5 Drawer Chest Dresser from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

This wonderful Isabela dresser combines traditional style with modern mid-century design with a boxy silhouette and matching drawer knobs.

The drawers are large, offering plenty of storage space for all your clothing and the top surface of the dresser is big enough to place a jewelry box, lamp, or any décor you prefer to display. This dresser is constructed of solid pine wood and is a great storage addition to any space.

Dimensions: 35.5 ” L x 17.5 ” W x 54.5 ” H

Number Of Drawers: 5

Brand: Red Barrell Studio

Style: Traditional, Modern Mid-century

Materials: Solid pine wood

Color Options: Tobacco, Black, Mahogany, Natural, White

Price: $499.99

Find It Here

Realyn Dresser By Signature Design By Ashley

This is the Signature Design by Ashley Realyn 6 Drawer 64'' W from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

The Realyn dresser and mirror set is a dream bedroom furniture addition to any traditional cottage-style space. It is beautifully crafted with an antique two-toned aesthetic and scalloped details.

The drawers are framed and feature decorative corbels, and dark bronze-tone finish bail pulls. This lovely piece is guaranteed to add a touch of class and charm to your room.

Dresser Dimensions: 81” H x 64” W x 18” D

Mirror Dimensions: 38.13” H x 34.88” W x 2.25” D

Number Of Drawers: 6

Brand: Signature Design By Ashley

Style: Cottage, traditional

Materials: MDF

Price: $749.99

Find It Here

Standard Horizontal Dressers

This is a standard farmhouse-style horizontal dresser.

The standard horizontal dresser, typically known as a standard dresser, comprises two to three rows of wide, long drawers and usually has a top row of multiple smaller drawers.

You may have seen a dresser in the past that was topped with standing framed photographs, rows of books, perfumes, or even television? That is because the standard dresser has plenty of tabletop space available to hold any décor that you want to display in your bedroom or living space.

Standard dressers usually come with a matching style mirror because the dresser is low enough to have a mirror above it, eye-level to its owner. The standard horizontal dresser is a derivative of one of the oldest pieces of furniture ever invented; the chest.

Popular Standard Horizontal Dresser Designs

Lafever 6 Drawer 57” W Double Dresser By Mercury Row

This is the Mercury Row Lafever 6 Drawer 57'' W Double Dresser from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

The Lafever dresser is a combination of traditional and mid-century modern styles. It features six drawers and is crafted from manufactured wood and sustainably sourced pine. The dresser possesses a boxy shape, black knob pulls, four tapered dowel legs, and simple moldings.

For added visual effect, the top drawer’s front features a split down the middle. The top surface of the dresser has more than enough space to display your décor, books, or a lamp.

Dimensions: 35” H x 57” W x 18” D

Number Of Drawers: 6

Brand: Mercury Row

Style: Mid-century modern, traditional

Materials: Solid pine wood, high–grade MDF

Color Options: White, Caramel, Walnut

Price: $379.99

Find It Here

Lyra 9 Drawer 50” W By Kelly Clarkson Home

This is the Kelly Clarkson Home Lyra 9 Drawer 50'' W from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

This great dresser from the Kelly Clarkson Home collection is the perfect addition to any French or country-style space. The incredible Lyra dresser is crafted from engineered wood and solid pine and possesses nine drawers, providing you with more than enough space to store your clothing and small belongings.

Its scalloped base molding, visible knots and wood grains, distressed finish, and dark bronze hardware on the drawer fronts add a unique French charm to this magnificent piece of furniture. The product is hand-curated by Kelly Clarkson.

Dimensions: 45” H x 50” W x 18” D

Number Of Drawers: 9

Brand: Kelly Clarkson Home

Style: French, country

Materials: Solid pine wood, Luan plywood

Color Options: Beige/chalk, Mint

Price: $769.99

Find It Here

Long Dressers

This is a long beige dresser on the side of the bed.

A majority of long dressers have mirrors attached at the back. They feature wide or long drawers and are mostly used in rooms with plenty of floor space to spare. Long dressers come in various styles, including;

Popular Long Dresser Designs

Nova Domus Marcela Italian Modern Dresser By Vig Furniture Inc.

This is the Vig Furniture Inc. Nova Domus Marcela Italian Modern Dresser from Houzz.

Source: Houzz

The Nova Domus Marcela is a stunning Italian dresser with a strikingly gorgeous Rovere Maranello veneer finish, a powerful blend of functionality and style. It features six wide, self-closing drawers that offer plenty of storage space and would be the ideal addition to a contemporary style living area.

Dimensions: 61” W x 19” D x 30” H

Number Of Drawers: 6

Brand: Nova Domus Marcela

Style: Contemporary

Materials: Veneer (Rovere Maranello Veneer Finish)

Price: $1450

Find It Here

Volare White Dresser By At Home USA Inc.

This is the At Home USA Inc. Volare White 6-Drawer Dresser from Houzz.

Source: Houzz

This beautiful high-gloss white Volare dresser from at home USA Inc. features six soft-closing drawers with plenty of space to store folded clothing and other personal items. It is a fantastic choice for any contemporary style living space.

Dimensions: 68” W x 18.5” D x 32” H

Number Of Drawers: 6

Brand: At Home USA Inc

Style: Contemporary


Color Options:

Price: $1541

Find It Here

Modrest Ethan Italian Modern Gray Dresser By Vig Furniture Inc.

This is the Vig Furniture Modrest Ethan Italian Modern Gray Dresser from Houzz.

Source: Houzz

This strong and striking dresser by Vig Furniture Inc. features natural wood grains, a lovely rich, grey veneer finish, and sturdy metal legs. The dresser has three soft-closing drawers with lots of space to store clothing and other items.

Dimensions:  19″ D x 66″ W x 30″ H

Number Of Drawers: 3

Brand: Vig Furniture Inc.

Style: Contemporary

Materials: MDF, Veneer

Price: $1344

Find It Here

Combo Dressers

This is a vintage wooden combo dresser with decors on top.

Combo dressers are standard dressers with one or two cabinets attached to their sides or in the middle. These dressers possess both wardrobe doors and dresser drawers. The combo dresser has plenty of space, allowing you to hang your clothes and store your folded clothing and other items.

The different sizes of the dresser’s drawers are perfect for organizing your things based on size or category. This dresser is ideal if you need to store bigger, bulkier items such as shoes, bags, belts, and boots.

Popular Combo Dresser Designs

Soren Dresser – Natural By Classic Home

This is the Classic Home Soren Dresser - Natural from Houzz.

Source: Houzz

The beauty and character of the Soren dresser by Classic Home is highlighted by a unique combination of solid wood panels, herringbone, and clean lines.

The simple details combined with lovely rich textures and contrasting iron legs bring out the mid-century appeal of the dresser. The product’s beautiful patterns and distressed finish make it the ideal dresser for a room with a mid-century feel.

Dimensions:  32″ H x 18″ D x 61″ W

Number Of Drawers: 6 (with iron handles)

Brand: Classic Home

Style: Mid Century

Materials: Solid wood, Black finish iron legs, Acacia wood top

Color Options: Natural

Price: $1364

Find It Here

Stonegate Rustic Solid Wood White Dresser With Mirror By Kashif Humayun

This is the Kashif Humayun Stonegate Rustic Solid Wood 6 Drawer, 2 Door White Dresser With Mirror from Houzz.

Source: Houzz

For those who love the rustic vibe, this lovely Stonegate dresser is the one for you. It provides more than enough space for all your clothes and other items as it features two doors and six drawers.

The dresser has a hand-distressed, two-tone white finish with a warm stone-stained top surface. It is perfectly suited for any rustic farmhouse living space.

Dresser Dimensions: 62.5” W x 18” D x 44.5” H

Mirror Dimensions: 44 ¾” W x 2” D x 33 ½” H

Number Of Drawers & Doors: 6 x Drawers, 2 x Doors

Brand: Kashif Humayun

Style: Farmhouse

Materials: Solid pinewood, glass, mortise, and tenon joinery

Price: $1599

Find It Here

Custom Made Dressers

A custom-made dresser is exactly as the name suggests. It is a dresser that has been specially made to fit into a certain space. A custom-made dresser allows the owner to choose the materials, style, size, design, and finish of their dresser to satisfy their idea and vision of how they want the dresser to look.


This is a vintage wooden armoire with decorative carvings and handles.

An armoire usually has two doors that can open, which makes it seem more like a cabinet than the traditional types of dressers. An armoire possesses drawers to store clothing and hanging space for clothes that are stored on hangers.

Popular Armoire Designs

100% Solid Wood 3-Door Grand Armoire With Lock, Mocha By Palace Imports

This is the Palace Imports 100% Solid Wood 3-Door Grand Armoire With Lock in Mocha from Houzz.

Source: Houzz

This grand armoire is extremely versatile, offering four-in-one features such as;

  • A hanging compartment with a solid wood rod
  • 2 x Drawers for smaller items
  • A key to lock away all your valuables
  • 4 x Small shelves for storing folded garments

If you require more storage, the design allows you to add three big adjustable shelves. The armoire is beautifully hand-painted and constructed of durable, strong, and sturdy solid pine wood. Thanks to the four different color options, this brilliant piece will work with most décor and furniture styles.

Dimensions:  72″H x 21″D x 46″W

Number Of Drawers & Doors:

Brand: Palace Imports

Style: Natural

Materials: 100% Solid wood

Color Options: Java, Honey Pine, Mocha, Mahogany

Price: $826

Find It Here

Stanton Armoire By David Lee

This is the David Lee Stanton Armoire from Houzz.

Source: Houzz

This armoire is a versatile dresser that transitions effortlessly between various design aesthetics, from traditional to farmhouse styles. It features a timeless X beam design, a television pull-out/swivel, and durable, sturdy solid poplar and birch wood construction.

Dimensions: 45 ½” W x 78” H x 25” D 

Number Of Drawers: 2

Brand: David Lee

Style: Traditional, American Colonial

Materials: Solid poplar and birch wood, 6 x antique brass ring pulls

Price: $3410

Find It Here

Talitha Armoire By Jonathan Adler

This is the Jonathan Adler Talitha Armoire from Houzz.

Source: Houzz

The Talitha armoire is crafted from nickel-plated metal and decorated with hand-stamped, starburst patterns. The reminiscent silver-leaf surface emits a lustrous glow and adds a touch of modern and minimalism to your space. The piece has two adjustable shelves and three drawers with beautiful, luminous, hand-cut abalone shell mosaic drawer handles. The stunning armoire takes functional art to a whole new realm.

Dimensions: 40” W x 72” H x 20” D

Number Of Drawers & Shelves: 3 x drawers, 2 x adjustable shelves

Brand: Jonathan Adler

Style: Contemporary

Materials: Nickel-plated metal, abalone pulls, hand-stamped patterns,

Price: $4500

Find It Here

Dresser Styles And Materials

These are antique and distressed wooden drawers.

The main material used to make dressers is wood. There were no fancy machines to mold plastic into different shapes for drawers back in the day, and wood was the only material that people had to work with.

Since then, the market has changed immensely. Apart from wood, there are various materials of which dressers are made today. These materials include;

  • Metal – Industrial, heavy
  • Bombe – A bombe (serpentine style) dresser has convex curves on all its sides. It features wave-like drawer fronts with convex curves in between two concave curves. The center of a bombe dresser extends (swells) out further than the corners.
  • Rattan/wicker – Lightweight, cottage feel, plastic or fiber
  • Leather – Rich, textured look, button-tufted
  • Traditional – Embellished, carved wood
  • Contemporary – Up-to-date styling
  • Cottage – Evokes a warm and relaxed feeling, carved wood, light tones
  • Rustic – Natural, weather-beaten tones and textures, timeworn, utilitarian framing, distressed wood
  • Modern – 20th Century, novel configurations, clean and neat, futuristic lines
  • Distressed – DIY look, looks aged, has an antiqueness to it
  • French – Vintage charm

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In Conclusion

When choosing a dresser, you want it to be functional, versatile, and durable, but you also want a piece of furniture that will complement the rest of the décor in the space. Many factors will determine the type of dresser you need, such as size, material, price, number of drawers, and style.

A dresser is there to upgrade the functionality and look of your space. Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of different dressers on the market, and it can become an overwhelming task to filter through them all before you find the right one that will work for you.

Hopefully, this list has helped you know the difference between all the different dressers and allows you to make an informed decision as to which type will meet your needs.


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