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What are the Benefits of a Round Coffee Table?

Close up view of a wooden round coffee table with a two cups of coffee.

Let’s paint the picture first. It’s time to redecorate our living room now that we are clear about the model of the sofa we want. We have decided to place a relaxing armchair where it is most desirable.

We have the curtains and even the dining chairs. However, we don’t have a coffee table, and we have questions about which one to choose. Did we stop to think about what a round coffee table can bring to the decoration of our living room? Well, this is important.

There are several advantages and benefits that a round coffee table can bring to a room and we offer them, so you can think of various options for that difficult but rewarding task of decorating the home, especially when we see the final result.

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The Legs

A minimalistic coffee shop with simple interior design.

A round coffee table is less visually heavy. Usually, round coffee tables, instead of having several legs, usually have a single central leg. This makes the feeling of space greater due to the absence of legs and, therefore, the space is less overcrowded and cluttered. Therefore, this type of table is ideal for rooms that are not very large.

Feng Shui Philosophy

The use of a round coffee table follows the feng shui philosophy. As a general rule, a round table creates positive energy and good chi according to the eastern philosophy of feng shui.

Its use in the decoration of spaces brings good health to the home and favors communication and the relationship between the people who sit and circulate around it. In addition, the absence of straight lines or strong angles gives a sense of unity.

Safe For Kids and the Elderly

Cozy living room with simple round coffee table.

They are less dangerous if there are children at home. Having no corners, a round coffee table is a good choice for a house with small children. The reason is that we will be able to avoid accidents with their pointed tips.

However, it is not only an advantage for the little ones in the house, but also for the elderly, since the round coffee tables do allow them to walk more comfortably around them. In short, we can not worry about both the little ones and ourselves, no longer having to be aware of the corners so as not to hit us.

The Elegance

A simple round coffee table that fits in an elegant living room.

The round coffee table is more elegant. There are many decorators who agree that round tables are more elegant. The advantage of today is that we can find tables of different styles or materials, to be able to choose the one that best suits our taste.

In addition, a round coffee table makes the visual perception of our living room much more relaxing, cozy and pleasant, especially if the colors chosen for the decoration of the room are soft and neutral.

Its Versatility and Sociability

A perfect fit coffee table in a sociable atmosphere.

The round table, not King Arthur’s, is one of the favorite pieces of furniture of modern interior designers. The numerous aesthetic possibilities they offer make it an excellent option to decorate rooms such as the living room or dining room, prioritizing aesthetics and functionality.

If we were to buy a unique piece of furniture for our home, then below are additional examples of the advantages of the round table.

Promotes sociability: A round table offers the feeling of the greatest closeness to the people who are sitting on it. There is no one to lead the table and everyone is in the same position of power. On a round coffee table, everyone is on an equal footing, so the conversation will probably be more fluid. In addition, it allows more people to sit around it, especially those with large measurements.

Versatility: Experts explain that an auxiliary round table, center, or dining room is the ideal piece of furniture to fill unused spaces such as corners. In the same way, seeing that its design replicates different types of materials, it is a very versatile piece of furniture that we can find in countless models. Central legs or on the edges, made of wood or glass, choose the model that best suits the decoration of the home.

Perfect for tight spaces: Small round tables are perfect for rooms with limited dimensions. Their design of soft curves and the absence of vertices makes them the most suitable furniture for the smallest spaces. All this, without counting that, can be manufactured with materials that give greater amplitude, such as glass or mirror-type surfaces.


These are just some of the advantages of a round table; the ideal piece of furniture if you want to promote communication between the members of your family.

Take advantage of spaces that are not very functional with the round coffee table, or use it to give a unique touch to the decoration of the home. Still not convinced of the advantages of using a round coffee table?

We leave you a couple of models that can be used for the decoration of homes, such as the GreenForest round coffee table or the Vasagle Round Coffee table with a very elegant fabric cover.


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